Uh-Oh, Shirt or Onesie


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As parents, we are mostly responsible for children saying “uh-oh”. We initially may use it to teach our children cause & effect such as “You fell down? Uh-oh”. But children are like parrots and quickly learn to repeat “uh-oh” in any situation where something appears to have happened that shouldn’t. “uh-oh” is usually the beginnings of parents finding cuteness or humor in the things that their children say. 

Your child will feel very comfortable, as this lilspeak shirt is printed on 100% Cotton material. Two styles are available, short sleeve shirt & onesie. Because they are quickly growing, many sizes are available from ages 6 months to YXL for a shirt and newborn to 18 months for a onesie.

Pick what color looks best on your child: Pink, Light Blue, White, and Heather Grey. The hand drawn illustration is visible on the centered upper half front of the shirt, leaving the back, sides, and sleeves of the shirt blank.


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